Zach’s Lawn Care offers high quality, competitively priced lawn care services in Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie.

Lawn Maintenance

Weekly or Bi-weekly Mow, Trim, Edge and Blow of your lawn.

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Spring Cleanup

Call ZLC to get your fall cleanup taken care of!


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Lawn Care Program

Monthly treatments optimized for your lawns health.

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Your lawn will have never looked so full of life.

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**Please note ZLC reserves the right to review and approve services booked through this system before scheduling.** 

  • Lawn Mowing

    Our weekly mowing service includes trimming, edge maintenance and cleanup of clippings with each cut. Click here for more info!

  • Edging

    Nothing looks better than having a clean, well defined edge between your grass and the sidewalk/driveway.

  • Weed Control

    Our lawn treatment program is customized to your lawn giving it the right balance of fertilizer and weed control so that you have a lush green lawn, cut to perfection by us.

  • Core Aeration

    Aeration is an annual necessity in our type of soil. Aeration increases air, water and nutrient movement to the root zone. Core aerating also relieves soil compaction, stimulates growth and intensifies decomposition of thatch. Can be scheduled either spring or fall.

  • Spring Cleanup

    Enjoy your Spring by having ZLC remove leaves, cut back perennials, and clean-out beds. Still enjoy raking yourself? Ask about Curbside Leaf Pickup!

  • Mulching

    Is your once-beautiful landscape looking kind of dull? Zach's Lawn Care can add a refreshing layer of color to your existing bed with a simple top dressing of high-quality mulch. Call for Quote!

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