Bush Trimming

Nothing looks better than neatly pruned evergreens and shrubs in your landscape. Nothing looks WORSE than unruly shrubs taking over your big picture window. Call Zach’s Lawn Care today to stay on top of the beautiful, sometimes unruly, but staple item in most landscapes. SHRUBS! Whether you like your bushes neatly rounded or crisp and square Zach’s Lawn Care can handle most household shrubs and bushes* in the Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie Areas.

*Dinosaur and Elephant designs not available at this time.

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Bush Trimming

Call us today to have your bushes regularily maintained by ZLC. We trim the right bushes at the right time for optimal health and appearance

Service Includes

  • Proper trimming of excess growth
  • Correct Timing
  • Clean-up of clippings
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Lawn Maintenance fit for a King…fish!

Did you know? Zach’s Lawn Care is the OFFICIAL lawn care provider of the Kenosha Kingfish! Have you always envied the green, clean-cut and professionally striped look of a baseball field? Well let your dreams become a reality by hiring Zach’s Lawn Care to maintain you lawn for the season! Zach’s Lawn Care brings the same level of quality care that you enjoy at Simmons Field to your lawn each and every week