Kenosha Area Spring/Fall Cleanup

The beautiful colors of fall are a wonder to behold this time of year, but the mess left behind as the colors fade and the leaves drop is an entirely different story! Say goodbye to hours of raking leaves in the wind and say hello to a warm cup of cocoa and cozy slippers when you hire ZLC to do your annual fall cleanup!

Lawn Maintenance fit for a King…fish!

Did you know? Zach’s Lawn Care is the OFFICIAL lawn care provider of the Kenosha Kingfish! Have you always envied the green, clean-cut and professionally striped look of a baseball field? Well let your dreams become a reality by hiring Zach’s Lawn Care to maintain you lawn for the season! Zach’s Lawn Care brings the same level of quality care that you enjoy at Simmons Field to your lawn each and every week


Service Options

Zach’s Lawn Care offers several different options to fit your property’s needs. See below for details

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Bi-Weekly Maintenance

ZLC will come on a bi-weekly or as-needed basis throughout the fall to mow and bag any leaves that have fallen in the lawn areas. This is a great way to maintain your lawns appearance and keep the leaves from piling up. For our Pleasant Prairie clients ZLC will schedule visits to coincide with the Village curbside leaf pickup schedule.

Season-End Cleanup

Need just one or two cleanups at the end of the season? We’ve gotcha covered. ZLC will blow out your landscape beds, cut back your perennials and give your lawn a final mow and bag leaving your lawn ready for winter

Curbside Pickup

Do you enjoy caring for your lawn but dread the thought of having to fill 50 bags of leaves?
Look no further! ZLC now offers curbside pickup. Simply schedule a pickup, rake all of your leaves into a pile next to the curb (not on the street) and Zach’s Lawn Care will vac up your pile and take it away!