Kenosha Lawn Aeration

Zach’s Lawn Care offers quality core aerations and overseed in the Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie areas. Aeration is an annual necessity for Kenosha area lawns. “A Core Lawn Aeration increases air, water and nutrient movement to the root zone. Core aerating also relieves soil compaction, stimulates root growth and intensifies decomposition of thatch. Can be scheduled either spring or fall. Starting @ $30

How its done

Our Kenosha Lawn Care techs use a core aerator to pull plugs from your lawn up to 3″ deep. These plugs then dissolve back into the ground returning nutrients into the soil. This is also a great time to add an overseed to help thicken your existing lawn


  • Relieve Soil Compaction
  • Stimulate Deep Root Growth
  • Helps Thicken Lawn
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