Lawn Care Program

Our lawn program consists of a mixture between granular and liquid applications. The lawn applications are for crabgrass control, broad leaf weed control, and balanced fertilization. Our full lawn care service program schedule is listed below.

Early Spring

Balanced fertilizer with crabgrass control. Our fertilizer will jump start your lawn for a quick green up, while laying the foundation for crabgrass control.


Balanced fertilizer with broadleaf weed control, as well as a second application of crabgrass control (weather permitting). This application is extremely important to get good control over dandelions and other broadleaf weeds.

Late Spring

Balanced fertilizer with broadleaf weed control. This application continues with correct fertilization for this time of year. We also include weed control for protection against summer annual weeds.


Balanced fertilizer with weed control. This slow-release fertilizer application is designed to maintain your lawns vigor during the summer. We also include weed control when needed.

Late Summer

Balanced fertilizer with weed control. This slow-release fertilizer application is designed to replenish needed nutrients from the stresses of summer. We also include weed control when needed.


Balanced fertilizer with weed control. This heavy fertilizer application is extremely important. Your lawn is entering the stage where it is primarily growing underground in the root zone. We also include ongoing weed control because weeds will be growing heavily during this time.


Turf winterization. Heavy winter fertilization with no weed control. This application replenishes nutrients while preparing your lawn for the long over wintering. This application will also help with spring green up.

When you use Zach’s Lawn Care lawn application services, we can handle every aspect of lawn care for your yard. Our lawn care technicians take out all the troubles of lawn care and create a hassle-free program, making your lawn look healthy while you relax and enjoy. Our lawn service professionals handle:

• Correct Timing
• Proper Product
• Proper Application Technique
• Site Inspection Every Visit (We leave notes for you!)

• Communication of Recommendations
• Weed Control
• Balanced and Proper Lawn Fertilization
• Insect and Disease Help

***All of our lawn care service technicians are certified, licensed, and insured. Always check that any company applying product is using certified, licensed, and insured applicators.***

Additional Lawn Services

Core aeration – Aeration is an annual necessity in our type of soil. Aeration increases air, water and nutrient movement to the root zone. Core aerating also relieves soil compaction, stimulates growth and intensifies decomposition of thatch.

Over seeding – A highly recommended addition to the core aeration. Over seeding will help your lawn become thicker.

Grub Worm Control – A must application. Grub worms are a subsurface insect that can destroy a lawn overnight. This preventative application is applied in the spring and controls grub worms all season long.

ZLC offers a money back guarantee for full service customers (five applications or more). We believe you will be satisfied with our service or we will make it right. If not, we will refund the amount of your last application.